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Group Homes Offer an Option for Seniors with Mobility Needs or Memory Issues

Seniors with mobility or memory needs may do better in a group home. Group home placement services can help families find the perfect setting to meet a family member’s needs.
Group Home Placement Services in Phoenix AZ

Group homes are a slightly different option than assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and even aging in place. For seniors who have mobility issues or problems with memory, living in a group home can be a perfect solution. Understanding what these facilities offer to residents can remove some of the confusion around how they work. And group home placement services make it easier for families to find exactly the right group home setting for seniors.

Accessible Facilities

For seniors with mobility concerns, accessible facilities are essential. Truly accessible facilities help seniors with memory trouble feel safer at home, too. These types of group homes offer wider doorways, ramps, handrails, and other accessibility features that keep seniors mobile and safe.

Memory Care Services

Seniors with dementia or other cognitive illnesses benefit from memory care services. This type of care offers support for seniors who need extra assistance related to memory and cognition.

Structured Daily Activities

Routines that move seniors in a group home gently through their days are incredibly helpful. Group homes offer structured daily activities that promote cognitive stimulation, socialization, individual activities, meals, and more. These routines become tailored to the needs of the residents.

Around-the-Clock Supervision

Whether they’re battling memory issues or mobility difficulties, seniors need to know that there is someone there when they need extra help. 24-hour supervision is an essential part of helping seniors in a group home feel secure. These caregivers are trained to cope with the various challenges residents are likely to face.

Safe Environment

Security and safety are paramount in any home for seniors. Group homes include additional safety features, like enclosed outdoor spaces and wandering prevention measures. This helps to offer peace of mind for families as well as the residents.

Assistance with ADLs

Staff members in a group home setting offer help with all sorts of activities of daily living. Whether seniors need help with getting dressed, getting out of bed, or eating a meal, caregivers are there to offer a hand. Staff are also able to support mobility needs while assisting with complicated tasks like bathing.

Physical, Occupational, and Other Therapies

Often seniors who have memory issues or mobility challenges need additional therapies. Group homes often offer opportunities for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other specialists to come to the home. This makes it easier for seniors to get the therapeutic help they need.

Adaptive Equipment

Group homes are designed to offer help with adaptive equipment and assistive devices, like shower chairs, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and more. Learning how to use these tools can feel complicated for seniors. It’s helpful to know that they have experienced support there with them around the clock.

Group homes offer so many different ways to support seniors who have memory or mobility challenges they’re battling. Finding the right group home doesn’t have to be complicated for families. Working with group home placement services shortens the time spent looking through the options and figuring out which one is the right one for a beloved family member.

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