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How Does Assisted Living Protect Safety and Security for Seniors?

Assisted living plays a vital role in helping aging adults to live in a safe and secure environment.
Assisted Living Placement Services in Mesa AZ

Keeping seniors safe and secure is one of the biggest goals for family caregivers. When it gets to the point where they need more help being safe, assisted living facilities can be the way to go. Family caregivers might worry about finding the right living situation for their senior, however, and that’s when assisted living placement services can come in handy.

Emergency Response Systems

In the case of an emergency, it’s vital to know that residents of assisted living facilities will be as safe as possible. Some facilities use call buttons or pendants that residents can use to call for help. Others might use fall detectors, especially for seniors who are non-verbal. The biggest thing to remember about these emergency alerts is that staff members respond to these alerts quickly to keep patients safe.

Offers a Secure Environment

One of the biggest reasons to make a move to assisted living is because of the security features these facilities tend to have. These can be essential for seniors who are prone to wandering. Some of the features might include:

  • Key code access
  • Security cameras
  • 24/7 staffing
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors
  • In-room patient monitoring features

When facilities restrict access and implement a variety of security measures, assisted living facilities are safer overall for their residents.

Fall Prevention Systems

Falls are a special safety concern that seniors and family caregivers might be worried about. Falls can result in some serious injuries, including head injuries, fractures, and soft tissue injuries. Assisted living facilities are prepared to mitigate falls for aging adults by using features like non-slip floors, grab bars in hallways and bathrooms, and even fall detection systems.

Medication Management

Managing medication properly is huge in terms of keeping seniors healthy and safe. Assisted living facilities offer help with medication management, including reminders and ensuring that seniors are getting their medication when they should. These strategies help to reduce the risk of medication errors and keep medical providers aware of medication reactions and side effects.

Help with ADLs

Often families consider assisted living facilities when seniors need more help with ADLs, or activities of daily living. These are daily tasks like preparing meals, getting dressed, or taking a shower. In an assisted living facility, there are people there who are experienced in helping aging adults with tasks like these. They can help seniors with these care needs, depending on exactly what help that person needs.

Regular Wellness Checks

Assisted living facilities can also conduct regular wellness checks on patients. These wellness checks monitor health and well-being, ensuring that patients are doing well overall. If seniors are battling health issues, these checks enable healthcare providers to stay on top of how they’re doing in case something is changing.

There are lots of different assisted living facilities out there and they have a variety of different features and benefits. The best way to find the right one is to work with assisted living placement services. These experts understand how to match up seniors with the right living situation to meet their needs.

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