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What are Independent Living Communities?

Independent living communities are one of the living options seniors might choose. Independent living senior placement services can help seniors find the right community.
Independent Living Senior Placement Services in Glendale AZ

As seniors age, they may want to continue to stay active while also living as independently as they can. Independent living communities offer some support for aging adults while also focusing on autonomy. Independent living senior placement services can help families and seniors narrow down their choices and find the right community to meet the senior’s needs. So what are independent living communities?

Defining Independent Living Communities

Sometimes independent living communities are called retirement communities or senior living communities. But the basic tenet of this type of community is that the seniors who live there are reasonably active, self-sufficient and want to live as independently as possible. That said, they may need a small amount of support. Independent living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle with a range of different types of amenities, services, and even social activities for seniors who live in the community.

Features of Independent Living

Independent living communities primarily feature private residences, such as cottages or apartments. The responsibilities of homeownership are minimized, however. There are usually fitness centers, communal dining areas, and shared outdoor spaces as well. There are also services such as housekeeping assistance, landscaping, and maintenance.

Benefits of Independent Living Communities

Seniors who choose independent living communities experience lots of social engagement, which can be a key selling point for this type of living situation. Seniors are also likely to feel safer in an independent living community. Residents are able to maintain their freedom and independence, however, which lets them focus on the areas of life they want to focus on. When the time comes for them to receive greater assistance, residents can move on to an assisted living program.

Deciding Independent Living is the Right Option

Deciding to move to independent living communities is a very personal situation. Senior placement specialists need to help families consider preferences as well as needs when they’re looking at all of the available options. Understanding what independent living is can help to determine whether this is the right choice for the senior involved.

Choosing the Right Independent Living Community

Ultimately, there are a lot of different independent living communities out there from which to choose. Independent living senior placement services help families assess the amenities and benefits of each community and compare those to the needs of their seniors. It’s also important to consider communities that will continue to meet future needs as seniors experience changes in their health and in the type of experience they want to have.

Independent living senior placement services help to remove any guesswork from a decision that is this big. These types of communities empower seniors to continue to live an active lifestyle that they love. Family caregivers often worry about whether they’re doing all that they can to ensure that their aging adults are in the right spot for them. When seniors have the help that they need to find the exact community that is right for them, it’s a lot easier to feel confident about the final decision.

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